Build a Miniature Shed Virtual Workshop

Event Date:November 24th, 2021

Miniature Shed Build Activity on November 24th from 9:40 am to 11:30 am
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Activity Overview

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Participating grade 10 students will have a hands-on opportunity to construct their very own miniature shed through the virtual guidance of the OYAP/PAJO coordinators. In addition, a local tradesperson will be sharing information about the apprenticeship pathway.

Agenda Items

9:40am - Pre-Activity Setup
• Landing Page Welcome
• Whole class connect to Zoom (not individual students)
9:50 am - Opening Remarks & English Presentation
• Join us as we learn about a Skilled Trade Pathway
10:00 am - French Presentation
English group (during French Presentation)
• Device Distribution
• Students access Build a Miniature Shed Virtual Workshop website
• Student Login to Experiential Learning Cycle Google Form
• Distribute Materials
10:10 am - Activity
• Build a Miniature Shed
• Experiential Learning Reflections
• Guest Speaker Conversation
11:20 am - Closing Exercises
• Closing Remarks
• Feedback
11:30 am
***Please note that more time will be required to complete the build and reflection

Teacher Checklist

Task Description Timeline Check
Learn important information about the Shed Event. OYAP Shed Event
Please visit the event website and visit each tab
Classroom Set-up & Build Tutorial This virtual video will guide you through the steps for how to set up your classroom for the event. View this video prior to attending the Teacher Information Session
Teacher Information Session(optional) Join us for a brief Question & Answer session for more information about the event. You will receive an email with more details closer to the day of the event. Monday, November 15, 2021 at 3:30 pm (approximately 30 minutes)
Confirm groups
(2-3 students)
The class kits contain materials and resources for the construction of 10 sheds. This includes "miniature-lumber" and tools. Prior to event
Technological Device Access Sign out a device (laptop, IPad, etc.) for each student to be used for the day of the event (to access instructional videos and Experiential Learning reflective activities on Google Forms). Prior to event
Material Distribution Distribute prepared materials to student workspaces AFTER the Skilled Trades Pathway Presentation. Day of event
Test Zoom Your Connection Day of event

Pathway Reflections

Experiential Learning is a trusted teaching and learning approach that encourages students to participate in an engaging learning activity, reflect thoughtfully upon the meaning of the activity with respect to their understanding and skill development, and to apply their knowledge to new and related challenges.

For this event, we will use questions, based on the Experiential Learning Cycle model, to guide our reflections.

Downloadable EL "Build a Shed" Reflections Form
Access EL "Build a Shed" Reflections Google Form
Access EL "Build a Shed" Reflections Microsoft Form

The 'What' - Building an OYAP Miniature Picnic Table
What did you enjoy about building the miniature shed? Describe.

What did you find challenging while building the miniature shed? Explain.
Part 2 - REFLECT
The 'So What?' - Consider the 'why' of what you are doing and what you are learning from the experience.
What suggestions could you offer to make the process of building the shed easier? List your suggestions and explain why they would help.

How would you connect today's experience (e.g. building the shed, our interview with a tradesperson) to other things you have learned or already know about - at school, at home or in the community? Please share one or two connections that you have made.

Reflect upon your experiences today. Think about what you have learned about yourself, other people and new opportunities that are available to you. Share your reflections.

Part 3 - APPLY
The 'Now What?' - Consider future learning and pathways.
How has my learning today influenced - or may influence - my decisions, opinions, goals and plans (e.g. in relation to the skilled trade pathway, building, construction, etc.)? Explain.

hat questions do I have now? You might think about: skilled trades, women in the trades, the construction pathway, learning opportunities available in our community or at school, etc. List your questions here.

Access the Build a Shed Reflection Google Form, the Build a Shed Reflection Microsoft Form or the Build a Shed Reflections PDF to print to share with your students to complete.

The information your students share with you can support you in your planning following this experience. Engaging in this reflective process supports students' development of metacognitive skills as well as provides a form of self-assessment of and for learning.

If you would like to know more about the Experiential Learning Cycle and Experiential Learning visit Experiential Learning for Educators.

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Experiential Learning for Educators

Miniature Shed Model Instructions

EL Reflection Forms

Build a Shed Reflections
Build a Shed Reflection Google Form
Build a Shed Reflection Microsoft Form

Classroom Set-up and Build Tutorial