Miniature Picnic Tables

Event Date:October 20th, 2022

*Register by Sept 28th at 4pm

Activity Overview

In this project, participating students will have the opportunity to construct their very own miniature picnic table.

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Each kit includes all the tools, materials, and safety equipment required to complete the job. In addition to the hands-on workshop, a special guest will be sharing information about the skilled trades and the apprenticeship pathway.

One of the great take-aways from this project is that the essential skills and knowledge obtained through this learning experience can be transferred to a variety of real-life applications. For example, constructing a life-size picnic table out of wood!

Agenda Items

1:00pm - 2:00pm
• Landing Page
• Introductions
• Picnic Table Instructions and Live Demonstration
• Wrap-up and Closing comments
• Participation Surveys


Picnic Table Model Instructions
Student Checklist
Lesson Plan - Miniature Picnic Table
Scale Model Picnic Table - Worksheet Answers

Picnic Table Demonstration

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Event Photos